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Remote Control: Work from home is working for Startups

Posted by offizo on April 1, 2020
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Key points:

• The coronavirus pandemic has left one option that is work from home for every business
• How Startups is working smart remotely

As coronavirus cases are in upfront, so have the number of companies asking their employees to work from home, with 46% of American business having implemented remote work Policies from mid-February

There are lot many startups and other company who was working from home before pandemic but many startups were having little to no experience doing so, or at least not for an extended period of time, those startups are diving in tech to ensure the great teamwork shouldn’t be compromised

Effects of the surge on Companies

Startups that provide flight and hotel bookings have been affected the worst. The gigs including Ola & Uber are seeing a drop in demand. Co-working spaces in Bengaluru and Gurugram have already seen a fall in attendance for the last two weeks. All these sectors will suffer more in the coming weeks with the travel sector likely to see a fall for many months to come.

Whereas, startups in some other sectors are witnessing a sharp graph in business. Video conferencing techs, for instance, are adding troop of users as companies are working remotely.

3 ingredients for a successful remote work

I believe for any team size there are three most important ingredients to make remote work successful: Team, Tech, and Flow.


The team is the most important ingredient, as not everyone can work well in the remote atmosphere so for binding them accordingly is something very crucial for higher authorities.


While working remotely all you need to concern for is that everyone stays on the same page and can proceed for work without a person standing next to them. For such an environment, startups have adapted a few technologies for working smoothly

Remote Working Solution looks like this:

Task Management -Trello, basecamp, asana
Video Meeting– Google Hangouts, Zoom, Whereby, Blue jeans, GoTo Meeting
Communication Slack, Flock, workplace, Whatsapp
Document Collaboration – Google docs, Notion


The third ingredient but still most impactful is processing i.e. how we work. This sounds boring and rigid but if it is not overlooked with the time creates a huge mess.
Creating a good process shaping policies and flow of work lets you get work done easily. It provides structure and direction for getting things done. Taking feedback and applying changes can result in progress for both the company and the people in the company & all startups are looking forward to it.

Adaption of Work from home
Jon Addison, vice president of talent solutions EMEA at LinkedIn, agreed that businesses would inevitably find it more challenging to continue with “business as usual” under the current circumstances if they lack the technology infrastructure to work remotely or flexible working policies.
For some, he said, the coronavirus outbreak could act as a “wake-up call” to enact this change.
Let see how all startups learn with the ups and downs in the business graph

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