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Here is why Branding is a Key Element for Startups

Posted by Ishant on April 1, 2020
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In the generation full of startups, branding is an aspect which is in focus nowadays. Many brands are looking forward to it as a main marketing strategy as its results are pretty good.

What is Branding?

It is nothing but giving your business a unique identity and personality so that you stand out in your category. Different companies use different types: individual branding, attitude branding, brand extension, private label and a few more according to their requirements.

Image about branding your business

Why Branding is important?

Assume, if you visit a store where you see two soft drinks, one of them is cheaper and has just a label named ‘Soft Drink’ and nothing else and another one has an attractive logo and has a label named ‘Cold Cola’ which you have seen on ads on different shops and digital mediums but is expensive. Still, you are most likely to buy ‘Cold Cola’ as you have heard about it many times. This is the power of branding.

Here are some advantages of Branding:

  • It helps your company to look professional – it states that you want to stand apart from others and give better services or products
  • It can gain your customer’s trust resulting increase in sales
  • High-profit margins – as people will buy under the name of the brand, not individual products.

How to give your business a perfect branding?

  • Story – it is all about creating a story that connects with people and inspires them to buy your product or service
  • Online presence – it is a no-brainer that every company should have their online presence to attract more customers and reach them easily
  • Logo – logo is the most underrated thing in the marketing world, but it can change the game as a logo is the first thing that comes in mind of the customer when they are searching for a thing of your category

In this fast-growing world, startups need to tell their story to people so that they connect with them, and branding is the best tool for it. Read more here.

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