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Here are Pitch Deck Tips for Startups & Local Businesses

Posted by Ishant on April 3, 2020
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A Pitch deck is a presentation of a business idea to potential investors, that can help you get investment and grow your local business or startup faster. It is an act of a smart play, and you cannot depend on anyone for anything.

Importance of a good pitch deck:

If the main goal is to raise startup cash then the main target is an investor. Pitching is important because it gives you a financial boost to both expand and execute your operations for a fair amount of time before making it profitable.

Big companies like Disney have got huge success only because of pitching at the right time. Walt Disney was rejected 300 times before his first pitch deck was accepted and today you know the latter half.

Some tips for a great pitch:

  • First impression: it matters a lot, investors observe you from the very first look they see you and make their impression on you
  • Don’t celebrate too early: investors have their own internal protocols, procedures and may be slow on execution – don’t celebrate too early until the contract is signed
  • Add a live demo: You should try to add a live demo instead of a video for your product or idea so that there is no loading error or issue while presenting.
  • Be on point: they smell risk at a very early stage and can reject you by giving excuses, so make sure your pitch deck is on point and easy to understand
  • Share Market opportunity: Clearly mark the market opportunity that lies for your product or idea – if there is no market for your idea then no matter how creative your idea is it will get rejected
  • Deliver with passion: you love your idea or product and the passion must reflect in the pitch and the pitch deck – use vigor to explain it our and visuals to help them relate to the idea
  • Prefer solutions over discounts: they always prefer quality solutions over the cheap solutions – a clear explanation of the problem you are solving is needed
  • Do your homework – prepare well before the pitch so you don’t give any chance to complain
  • Short pitch – prepare your short pitch as a backup as they can tell you to wrap up fast because of lack of time

Pitching is the way to go for startups and other small businesses. Prepare well using the above tips and grow your startup or local business to the next level. Learn more. Always, find a part of your deck to elaborate on and invite them to come up with suggestions. Ultimately, the pitch deck is an imperfect way to explain creative ideas. If you can explain the idea clearly and the problem it solves – chances are you will end up impressing the investor with your pitch deck.

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